David's Jodel DR-1050 Makes Beta!

FSX/P3D. The long game. The very, very, looooooooooooooong game. I'm talking 5 years long. Thinking back on the old ADX news blog [SEE HERE] they're must be hundreds of addons we covered that never saw the light or still quietly in development. One of which is David Wisser's Jodel DR-1050. This is one project I wasn't even following. But past ADX colleague Mark Hrycenko had a keen eye on it back in 2013. He stated he would love to experience David's Jodel in FSX and after a very, very long wait, that experience will soon come true. David recently reached out to me with a copy of the beta and thought I would share a few screens with you folks. Still some bugs that need to be worked out but once released, it will surely be a nice toy to zip around in. Want to try out the beta for yourself? Hit the source link! Keep up the good work David!