Digital Design Salzburg Released!!!

FSX/P3D. Stand by folks! Source link takes you to project page. Feel free to beat the crap out of it till release... Livestream will follow afterwards. Stay tuned for details. 

Update: I spoke with the developer about the delay. The scenery itself is ready to rock & roll but some issues with the installer had to be corrected. They expect this to get worked out in the next hours and will get the files back over to the webshop. I know many of you are ready and waiting on this beauty. The introductory post of this project has had over 65,000 unique views already. I hope the webshop servers are ready for load of people that will bring them to their knees! We are still standing by! 

Update: Salzburg Livestream Begins Today @ 1900z On The Daily News Page & Twitch! See You There! 

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Update: Released!!