3 Mighty Previews From Orbx!

FSX/P3D. We first start off with the ENNO Notodden scenery up in norway which is finally in beta. This thing comes with vistas and hangars to die for! By the looks of things, it will be released before the end of year. Check It Here >>

Second up is upcoming release by Thomas Zipfel that features not one, but two airports: EDBJ Jena Schoengleina Airport and EDOU Weimar Umpferstedt Airport. The quality looks super good and given the fact that the product page is live, release must be super close. I don't even remember reporting on these airports. Did Orbx try and slip one under my nose?? Nice try! Check It Here >>

Last but not least are the night shots of France's Cote d'Azur region. The night shots are now available which could mean the project should be approaching beta soon. We wait for Iain's shots to tell us so. Not sure if this will make the last Orbx Release of 2015 or the first of 2016. Time will tell! Check It Here >>

All that is missing Is Tore's Narvik. TOREEEEEE!!!!!! Dammit.