Lockheed Martin Updates P3D To 3.1! Thanks Santa!!

P3Dv3. There are so many fixes and improvements that come with this update, it's impossible to list them all here. It's really a lot and I really must say, for this platform release just a little over 2 months ago, the LM guys are working fast! This marks the what... 11th update since the first version of P3D debuted? Here are 3 new features that now separate P3D away from FSX: 

  • Added dynamic reflections on objects by replacing the static environment map with a dynamic cube map. This means you can now see your own aircraft pulling up to the terminal as reflected off the building's glass including everything else in front of the surface just as in real life as opposed to a mapped image! Apparently, 3rd party products do not need to be updated to include this feature. 
  • Enhanced visual quality of water offering greater fidelity at high altitudes and better wave dynamics with high winds. Boats now move with water surface elevation!! 

Get the update now! Livestream soon.