ADX Exclusive: FlyTampa Corfu!

FSX/P3D. FlyTampa announces Corfu which I am quite certain will come as a surprise to many of you! ADX Avatar Guy and I have been exploring the scenery ourselves for over the past week and I can tell you it's extremely impressive. As one of the largest Greek islands, I can tell you that the entire island has been blanketed with high resolution photoreal textures, custom mesh, all new custom vegetation, and autogen. For users of P3Dv3, Speedtrees were used in the airport area making this the first scenery to already use speed trees. And of course, the airport in included with an extremely high level of detail. 

All landmarks were also added. With all the airports of Greece we currently have along with the upcoming Samos from 29Palms, this is truly indeed the region to fly! Plenty of unique locations that are just mind blowing to the eyes. Want more?? Source link below! Now if you will excuse me, I have more of this island to explore!