Note To FlightSim Developers: Knock It OFF!

I made a terrible decision a couple years ago to purchase the Evektor SportsStar from FlightSim Developers which turned out to be a total ripoff piece of junk. Now granted, 7,8,9 years ago back in FS9, some of their addons were really quite good. For the day. But now, nothing has been released in years. YEARS, and yet they continue to peddle these old, out of date projects over and over via email. I swear there is a freaking sale every single freaking week still trying to sell this junk. They keep updating the website as if this stuff is new. I unsubscribed from the newsletters, and sales emails several times, and I spam each new email they send, and they beat all that by using a new or different email address each time to bypass the filters or for me to either unsubscribe to or spam again.

Therefore, I want to be clear to whomever it is still running this operation: Knock it off! No more manipulative emails to get my attention to purchase 10+ year old addons. And buyer beware of the entire FSD catalog. None of it is worth it in the year 2015. Sorry for the open rant but it's just gone way too far. 2 years I have put up with this and chances are, this is an issue for others too.