29Palms Samos Thanksgiving Preview!

FSX/P3D. In the midst of all the cooking, cleaning, and family time, one must take time to look after the ADX community. The very fins lads over at 29Palms has sent us some quick early shots of the Samos project currently in development. As you can see from these shots, the coverage area will be huge and the approach views absolutely beautiful. When 29Palms started development of Twentynine Palms in California, my first thought was, why? There is nothing out there. What a boring middle of nowhere place. But once I got my hands on it, it instantly became one of my all time favorite airfields. 29Palms just has a way of making you want everything they make. So when is comes to a place like Samos that is already beautiful, you know it's gonna be amazing. Okay back to V1, rotate turkey!