Holy Crap! Iain Went P3Dv3!

 P3Dv3.  A good friend of mine, a certain Yankees baseball player finally made the jump to P3Dv3 this weekend off the back of months of whining about how great his FSX was. About how good it looked and that it was still far than good enough to suit his needs. I told him to stop screwing Rosie O' Donnell in the bathtub when Scarlet Johansen was in the hot tub waiting for him. Well now that he sees all v3 offers, he has seen the light. A lot of others are still sitting in FSX not believing all the hype of v3 and those are the ones missing out.

One person in particular is the legendary Orbx and REX screenshot artist Iain Emms. This guy has has had a truly immaculate looking FSX setup over the years and I truly thought he would never make the switch either. Well looks like he has finally jumped onto the bandwagon and has uploaded his first P3Dv3 screenshots. Welcome to the family Iain! I look forward to more of your v3 shots in the future. So far, everyone who has made the switch to v3 has been super happy with the decision to do so. Glad to see more of the community leaning in this direction. 

Oh yeah and something about Pago Pago going v3 soon or something like that I was supposed to report...