MJC Dash 8 Update v1.017RC2 Available.

FSX/P3D. This is yet another replacement of the previously released beta and RC1 versions of the patch. It can be installed over the 1.016 or 1.017 beta1/RC1 version Q400 PILOT edition, which can be downloaded via the SUPPORT/USER AREA at the Majestic Software website. The changes have been added to the read-me file, which is shown at the end of the installation process, and listed at the end of this posting. NOW: This is what "MANY" have been asking about and here is your chance to take a stab at a beta version of the Prepar3D V3.0 - compatible gauge dll file included in the /panel folder upon installation. If desired this gauge file can be renamed into mjc84_main.dll in order to check the operation of the aircraft under Prepar3D V3.0.