FSDT Memphis: First Teasers!

FSX/P3D. Umberto: AKA Virtuali is really screwing with us on this one. I miss the days when they would start showing previews from the early layout renderings. Indeed, FSDT has dropped in popularity in the past year or so and I find myself not checking the FSDT site nowhere near as much as I used to a couple years ago. That was the heyday when they necked and necked with FlyTampa and always had something new to show. Houston was a bit of a disappointment in my own opinion but I am looking for FSDT to be sort of a "comeback kid".

Back in October, Virtuali posted a couple KMEM teasers which I totally missed as I am just not in the forums over there anymore. Thanks to ADX reader Matt Doehring for bringing these to my attention. The images depict that much of the FedEx Mega Hub is complete which means more detailed previews should be coming soon. I know this airport should make a lot of people very happy and I had better start paying closer attention!