Majestic Q400 Pro Release Date Set!

FSX/P3D. Finally after 5 years of development, the Majestic Simulations Bombardier Q400 Professional Edition will be released on the 18th of November provided no issues between now and then. Regarding Shared Cockpit functionality: be sure to get up to speed on being proficient and able to properly handle the aircraft so that your CA or FO is not doing all the work by themselves. Some of the other features to be expected are :

  • 6. Alternate Gear Extension
  • 7. 2D Panels
  • 8. Panel State Options
  • 9. Flight Control Optimization
  • 10. Working Circuit Breaker Simulation
  • 11. FMS ETP/PNR Functionality

Stay tuned folks! The fun is just days away! 

  • 1. ASN weather radar integration
  • 2. Service based failures
  • 3. System Panel functions allowing the failures of the Electrical and hydraulic systems
  • 4. HUD/HGS system integration
  • 5. Autopilot Touch Control Steering                        
  • 6. Alternate Gear Extension