Orbx FTX Cote d'Azur Cityscape Update!

FSX/P3D. Should FranceVFR be concerned? I know a lot of people can be quick to detail the differences between VFR Automation Technology and the Full Terrain Experience and whereas many of you would be correct in terms of which is more accurate to real lie overall, I am seeing something that in essence should make the FVFR team a bit nervous. Based on the latest set of screenshots of FTX Cote d'Azur Cityscape, the team has invested in what appears to be a rather large photoeal terrain imagery application which can't be cheap. Once you toss in all the very accurate looking autogen and landmarks you have what is clearly Orbx storming the beaches with some serious ammunition leaving me to wonder, will the Orbx infantry stop here? Or continue to press forward deeper into what has always been known as FranceVFR territory? Either way, I really, really like what I am seeing and hope to see much more from projects like this from Orbx in the future.