The Big FlightSimLabs Update You've Been Waiting For!

FSX/P3D. Spotlights, Concorde, A320 series. Whats going on over in the hangars at FSL? The Concorde will be getting a huge update which will also include P3Dv3 compatibility. That project is now in beta. Aside from that, Lefteris has given us the complete rundown on the A320 which is also in beta. So just how far away is the FSL A320?? Grab a cup of joe and read the entire update status report via the source link and check out the cool video in the post below. This is happening folks!!! I'll be honest with you. I am scared as hell of this addon. I just know it's going to kick my ass. We are talking about a fully modeled A320 here. Thank goodness for Airline2Sim who is lining up real world pilots who will show N00bs like me end everyone else how to properly handle her.  Okay get outta here! Go read the statement!