Statement From NLS...

FSX/P3D. As we well know, NLS has not been without it's struggles as it attempts to develop a fully simulated rendition of the world's largest commercial jetliner. First with the cancellation of the project, then with a resurgence after a scam out of Iran set out to sell the project to potential customers. Things were going well for a while till things went silent again. This time, the silence comes as the worst news yet from the developer:

"It is time for an update from my side: the reason of the long silence is that my mother passed away on the 5th of June after a very serious illness. My life was not the same from one day to the other, and as you can imagine, the last months were a nightmare for me. Life goes on, even if you wish that it would stop, but thats life. For a while I was like paralized, and my brain was out of service, thats the reason why I had to stop (pause) my work on the A380. It will take a while, but I hope that I will recover very soon from all the bad things that happened to me in the last months.  I am sorry that I do not have better news for you guys. 

Take care, -Chris."

We wish all the best to Chris and his family.