AirDailyX Turns Five!

October 5th 2010. It all began with a passionate guy who had an idea to start a small blog for the sole purpose of serving the flight simulation community. It's been a long and very interesting road since then and who could have guessed it would ever get this big. The founder has long since departed and left the reigns in my hands and I am glad to continue to have the drive and motivation to keep it alive. Of course, I can't take all the credit for keeping this beast on it's feet. You all as the community behind this venture, enthusiasts and developers alike have been incredibly supportive and helpful. I thank all of you!

So before I chug this pint of Stella, here is toast, to you all! Long live you, long live AirDailyX, and long live this awesome hobby of ours! Here's to the next 5 years serving the flight simulation community and feeding your daily needs! 

-D'Andre Newman (5 years & over 15 Million Visits Served Worldwide