ADX Exclusive: Wilco Falcon 7X!

FSX/P3D. The project that has been incredibly quiet recently... The masses are wondering what's going on with tfor some time now and a beta tester very close to ADX has been given permission to share with us some of his insights on Wilco's Falcon 7X project. This by the way is a person who tests projects for the biggest dev's out there. His opinion? He feels many simmers will be pleasantly surprised. "While the outside visuals don'y quite match Carenado quality, it's pretty darn close and the systems modeling will be quite comprehensive depending on what will be fully functional in the final release.

I can tell you he has a very keen eye to detail and as someone I know personally, if he say's he has promise, then it's really changing the way I have been feeling about this project. He has shared some shots for us exclusive to you lot. I'll be standing by for more feedback and sharing what I can. Glad to hear this project is shaping up. Stay tuned!