ADX Introducing RealitySim Scenery!

FSX/P3D. Here is another new team on the block for 2015. Usually its in the first quarter that I am announcing new development teams. RealitySim has recently release their first addon project: Reality Atlanta for $19.99. Features include:

  • 6,424 Sq Mi coverage of 1m/px 2013 USGS color corrected satellite ground textures
  • A staggering 807,577 custom placed autogen buildings and trees based off of publicly available GIS vector data
  • Hundreds of replicated Atlanta buildings. A few examples being: Turner Field, The GA Aquarium, the CNN many more!
  • Low polygon count buildings and minimized texture counts to provide the best possible frame rates
  • Fully adjustable autogen configuration, allowing the possibility of zero to max autogen, its up to you!
  • Simple installation platform that connects and downloads the files directly from our server for an unrestricted download speed, then automatically seeks the correct folder and installs

Source link below for more information and purchase. Look out US Cities!