TFDi 717 Progress Report!

FSX/P3D. Now that the NLS A380 project seems to be dead in the water yet again, I think I can effectively say this is the flight simulation community's most sought after aircraft project. That is unless PMDG announces the 737MAX. The TFDi team has been... oh wait, I forgot about the Aerosoft CRJ & QW787. Well... The TFDi team has been hacking away at this project for at least 3 years now if I am not mistaken thus no doubt it's good to get any kind of update we can on this stunning beauty. The progress update blog is up so let's see what the team is up to now!A 2015 release? Likely not but I think 2016 is the year for the 717. We'll see. Thanks to ADX readers Zachary Kerr & Saif Salama for the tipoff.