JF Tornado SP3 Released Plus Free Demo!

FSX/P3D. Y'all have been waiting and the team has been working for a while on the next Service pack for the Tornado and the good news is that, along with a quick start tutorial video and a new free 15 minute demo, it’s now available to users. Service Pack 3 Content: Fully optimized aircraft models and coding. Significant improvements in performance are now available in the new Tornado release. The aircraft models have been reworked to use less VAS memory and the gauge code has been optimized. The aircraft now uses the front seat only by default. Users with high-spec PCs can enable the rear navigators position via a configuration tool found in the Start Menu. Users of lower-powered machines can configure effects and features in order to obtain the most enjoyable performance based on their specific hardware.

New features and enhancements added: Prepar3d Version 3 compatibility. New switchable bright/dim and steady/flashing navigation and obstruction aircraft lights, resizable 2D TV screen \ popups, enhanced sounds added, refuelling tanker can now be spawned and re-spawned, reworked HUD matched to authentic HUD camera footage from the Tornado and many more.  A refined flight model based on expert feedback to give a truly authentic piloting experience and many fixes and modifications throughout the aircraft. Full details and instructions on how to get the Service Pack can be found via the source link below! Demo and start video [HERE/]