Update: ATL Will Be Ready For Cross The Pond!

FSX/P3D. Note from our friends at ImagineSim: "We know that a lot of you booked into this weekend's big VATSIM event at ATL are anxious that our KATL 2016 is out in time. Well, we're quietly confident (say, 90%) that the FSX version will be released this Friday (approx. 1200 Z). We'll strive all we can to get it all there for the event. We've also donated some copies for a raffle at the event, full details at vZTL ARTCC."

ADX Update: Our inside contact at ImagineSim, let's call him "Mr. X" Has just confirmed to us that the FSX version KATL 2016 will be released on Friday. In fact, it will go on sale down-under at The Flightsim Store while the rest of the world sleeps tonight. We also have the official product screenshots you'll see nowhere else till after release! The P3Dv3 version will require further optimizing so it'll take a bit longer for it's release where our livestream will follow. Okay VATSIM guys, start hitting that refresh key!