The Adventures Of Avatar Guy!

P3Dv3. "I still haven't come up with a name for myself yet. I was thinking: 'Martin Lock' kinda catchy eh? No? Eh, whatever... Still traveling the world and today I made a stop in Vancouver to see just how well John Patch's Vancouver City, Victoria Plus, FSDT CYVR, Orbx FTX PNW, and the Aerosoft Airbus all fit in together. The verdict? PERFECT!

Live streams coming back up soon as D'Andre sorts his stupid issues with his broadcasting software. Between you and me, I think it's his lousy internet and he is too much of a cheapskate to up the bandwidth. Either way, he is holding me up from going live. Finally got some new clothing courtesy of our friends at Goldstar Textures do be sure to check them out. They do some amazing work. As for me, lots to see so be sure to follow me on Twitter to see what I am up to behind the scenes at ADX. Laterz!"

-Martin (Avatar Guy)