ImagineSim's ATL v3 For P3Dv3 Is No Joke.

FSX/P3D. Every developer has that one airport that defines them. For ImagineSim that airport also happens to be the world's biggest and busiest. That statement is true in both real world and in the sim. You just try running this baby with max AI and you will wind up with at least an average of nearly 300 aircraft surface movements not to mention whats overhead, on upwind, and approach. Despite all this with max settings, I was still cranking 25FPS. When I turn down that AI to 50% frames jump to 50. Did I also mention internal modeling? 

Here is an email I got from a reader about ImagineSIm I wanted to share. I'll keep his name anonymous: "...ImagineSim has come a long way, and still has a long way to go. Far from Flightbeam etc. But they acknowledge constructive criticism and keep trying very hard. They accept constructive criticism versus flip their lid. I'm here in ATL, so this will be the third time I've bought KATL. Nevertheless, glad to see my airport getting the quality it deserves..." 

And I agree. Cal and his team are very passionate about the work they do and it really shows in every release. ATL is on to the night lighting stages now, release not too far off! More previews via the source link below.