CieloSim Selects Jacksonville!

FSX/P3D. Well this just about taps out Florida doesn't it? Many of you may recall our post about CieloSim posting a poll between Jacksonville, North Las Vegas, Fresno, and Miami Executive. I was personally hoping Fresno would win on this one but clearly, the vote was rocked in another direction and I seriously hope no one trolled the poll. I really hate when preschoolers do that crap. You know who you are. Palo Alto was of very decent quality so I am super curious how this much larger airport is going to pan out. I know the developer personally so I can already tell you, you will be damn pleased with what you are gonna get. Trust me. So now we wait till sometime in December when release is expected. If they hold to that development timeline i'll be even more impressed. Stay tuned! Thanks to ADX readers Garrett Frank for the tipoff!