Our Latest Aircraft Review: Lionheart Creations Q2!

P3Dv2.2 In the famous words of Randy Quaid to the alien ship just before blowing it apart with an F-18 in Independence Day: "Hello boys! I'm Baaaaack! Well I was never gone despite the news being dead the last few days. This is typical of the new year. All the devs busted their asses at the end of 2014 and now comes the cooling period. But rest assured, I have been busy and today, I release my latest review: Lionheart's Quickie Q2. Does this aircraft deserve a place in your virtual hanger? It's time to find out! And please excuse any typo's and missphellings you may find in the article. The wife hasn't proofed it yet. I jumped the gun so y'all have something to do. I hope you will enjoy my first written review of 2015. 

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