RAF Wattisham, UK - Circa 1991 Freeware.

FSX/P3D. I typically don't cover much freeware as let's face it, freeware releases outnumber payware releases to what? Like 50 to 1? But from time to time, when the quality is is high enough, i'll give it a bit of face time and as many of you might be looking for a place to hide your new Aerosoft F-14X why not? Airfield Construction Group has just released a highly detailed scenery of RAF Wattisham which is an old UK Cold War airfield with custom ground polygons, scenery objects, and optimized for high performance. A package of24 Phantom FGR2 AI aircraft to complement the scenery is also available as a separate download. If you are into these sort of sceneries, be sure to check it out. Thanks to ADX reader Henk Schuitemaker for the tipoff.