IRIS Dynamics In Trouble? Iris Responds.

FSX/P3D. Many of you are fully aware by now about Iris Flight Dynamics and their "pro consumer level" full control loading flight simulation control yoke. The project was initially funded by a KickStarter campaign with a whopping USD $86,000 pledge by supporters. The downside? The retail cost was far too high for the average flight simulation enthusiast with a now $2,000 price tag. Well even if you were able to pony up the cash, don't bother. At present, not only is the product no longer available for order, but some customers who placed paid orders months ago still have yet to receive theirs.

A look on the forum also shows a lot of displeased customers many of which have requested the process of refunds. For those who have received their yokes, complaints range from functionality problems to lack of communication & support to poor cosmetic issues. The latest information is a response from a member of Iris ensuring the products have restarted production (they stopped?) and they are working hard to fill all current orders. That said, they also state that the company is going to be getting out of the manufacturing business until a manufacturing deal is reached which could be several months away. Till such deal is reached (with possibly whom?) no new orders are going to be taken. Iris reaffirms they will continue to build all current orders in-house and will cease production afterward. For $2,000 a pop, is it really worth all this trouble? Certainly, the technology is impressive. Thanks to ADX reader James Long for the tip on this information. You can take a look at what's transpiring in their forum via the source link below.

ADX Update: IRIS Dynamics' Founder and CTO Patrick McFadden responds to ADX readers and sheds some light on the situation. It's a very honest and humble response to the issues users have been having and I am confident the team has and is taking the appropriate steps to correct the current issues and continue working toward delivering a quality product to end-users.