FranceVFR Aquitaine VFR Vol.1 Released.

FSX/P3D. The next edition of FranceVFR's regional 3D Automation scenery has arrived. Does it look good? Sure. But when Orbx offered a vote on the next FTX region, I jumped at France. Why might you ask when FranceVFR has much of it covered already? Well one reason is because it takes FranceVFR about the same amount of time to deliver 1 or 2 regions in France that takes Orbx to deliver an entire FTX region. And as we well know, the FTX regions are typically far greater in size than the FranceVFR regions. FAR greater. On a budget standpoint, Orbx covering France would save users heaps of $$ as well as the average cost of one region in France cost about 34Euro as opposed to say all of Norway for about the same price. I could only imagine Orbx FTX France would cost about the same except it would cover the entire country and not just one region within it. Looking at it on a cost standpoint, you do the math. But as I said, the Aquitaine region does look good. More information via the source link below.