The Trinidad Is Coming Back!

FSX/P3D. One of my favorite GA aircraft in back FS9 was Lionheart's Socata TB20 Trinidad. I have retired it in recent days not because it doesn't hold up well in P3Dv2 but because it doesn't hold up to Lionheart's latest offerings and other more modern GA aircraft from the likes of Carenado, Alabeo etc. I had been quietly hoping Bill at some point Bill would go back and update his earlier offerings to modern standards but I just don't think that's going to happen. Every now and then I take the TB20 for a spin but I still desire more. It looks like I.D.S. (the developers of Brussles, Sacramaento, and Manchester) is entering the aircraft business with the TB20 to boot. I will be watching with strong interest! More screenshots via the source link below. Modeling looks terrific so far!