Mathijs Kok: "First Quarter Is Solid..."

FSX/P3D. Flowing up on that "Coming In Spring 2015" image Aerosoft posted a few weeks back, Mathijs Kok cements the release expectation even further by making the above statement this week. Spring starts in April in most places abut is also the first month of the second quarter. After years and years and years of continuous waiting, we are now finally, down to just months. about 2 to be exact assuming all continues to go well. And according to Mathijs, progress is going very well at the moment. let's just hope there are no roadblocks ahead as many of us know, something as small as a font can create the biggest issues at the last possible minute. So far, good news regarding this product! I am very confident she will be worth the wait. Thanks to ADX reader Zachary Kerr for the tipoff.