Another Update From PMDG.

But what's happening with the PMDG Boeing 737NGX series?

PMDG 737NGX product line updates for FSX, FSX:S/E and Prepar3d:
We have been a bit coy in providing information on the plans to update the NGX product line in order to add compatibility with P3D- so tonight I will add a bit more detail for you.
As of this moment, it is planned to release an FSX/FSX:SE dual compatible update to the NGX that will include (typically) a pretty significant update across the board in terms of functionality and enhancements.

We have not had time to go through and categorize them- but I will let you know that we are adding some key elements such as interfacing to Active Sky Next's weather radar capability such as we have in the 777.
We will have a bit more information on timeline with these two products in the coming days.

Immediately upon release of the NGX updates for FSX and FSX:SE, we will be putting the NGX into beta testing for Prepar3d, with release of that product shortly to follow.

We want to be clear that we are calling this FSX update SP1d for the NGX products, as we are not going to get to a few of the major items we intend for the SP2 update that has been discussed for some time. I'll have more information on what is included at a later time- so please don't fill the thread with individual requests/demands that we do X or Y. The stuff that gets addressed comes from our own internal matrix of development needs- and won't have any outside input...
We have even more to share with you.. but we'll get to that during the week! Happy flying!