Alex Goff Is Back!

FSX/P3D. Well, well, well! With all the hype srounding NCA, the upcoming SCA, and NOR, it's great to see SAK still getting some love. Alex Goff's Yakutat is one of my favorite destinations in the region and I have been sitting back quietly hoping he would return with something soon. Aside from putting in all the hard work developing the triple installers of our favorite destinations, he has also been developing Homer airport out on the Kenai peninsula. I knew Homer was in the plans well over a year ago but assumed it was canceled. I'm soo happy to see Alex in bringing this project to life and to put a cherry on the cake, he has also delivered Orbx' very first destination with full internal modeling! The work looks amazing. See for yourself!  More screenshots & information available via the source link below. 

And before you ask: The terminal interior can be toggled from the control panel which will disable the interior and all of the furniture, people, and other objects inside.