Taxi2Gate Hong Kong Updated!

FSX/P3D. Taxi2Gate has just rolled out a huge update to Hong Kong and here is what comes with the update: New Roof on the main terminals, airport photoscenery texture enhancements, added missing taxi signs, fixed obstructions on the animated vehicles path, added missing buildings inside the airport and the fire simulator, added cable car, corrected, runway lighting, added more vehicles in the long term parking outside the airport, added docking guidance systems, corrected misaligned jetways, AFCAD enhancements: RW07L/25R only open for landings, with 07R/25L only for departures as at the real VHHH, moved all taxi lines to align them with the correct centrelines within the scenery, changed all gate size radius in the convention of Small 19.1m, Medium 24.1m, Heavy 31.1m, 33.1m, 35.1m or 40.1m. Heavy gates are divided according to type. For example a 777 can park at a 31.1m gate but a 747 cannot. Similarly an A380 can only park at a 40.1m gate. Added the X stands in accordance with the latest Jeppesen chart, modified parking list to ensure gates filled up before overflow spots, modified the lineup area on 25L to allow two departure queues, moved tower and glidepath antennas to real locations. And if you do not like the photoscenery covering the surrounding areas, delete these files: - VHHH-Q1.bgl, VHHH-Q2.bgl, VHHH-Q3.bgl, VHHH-Q4.bgl, VHHH-Q5.bgl. This corrects everything pointed out in the ADX LiveLook preview. The update is available in your webshop account.