A Meeting Between ES & Orbx?

As we all know by now, long time development team Earth Simulations closed it's doors several days ago and I think I speak for the entire community when I say this is a devastating loss. I have been thinking and conversing with a few colleagues and wondering if there was any way this dynamic duo would or choose to stick around regardless the capacity. The thing that is so true about Darren and Vicki is the fact that their efforts are so obviously derived from their passion. They obviously enjoy what they do and the quality and details are incredibly clear in the products they have delivered over the years. But like all things flight simulation, without a steady flow of $$$, passion or not, things can get quite difficult for any developer. That said, I remain hopeful they find some way to solder on.

Then, this morning, I stumbled across this statement from John Venema: "Because we live quite close to each other Darren, Vikki, and I have traditionally met socially a few times a year and in fact we have been in discussion about collaboration for quite some time; long before these sad events transpired. To respect confidentiality I can only say that we are meeting next week in Portsmouth and we'll work towards the best outcome for everyone. Please don't speculate on what that means but rest assured we won't let great talent like Darren and Vikki retire just yet, as much as they'd like to!"

In an effort to avoid speculation, I'll just say this: I can't honestly think of a better team for Darren & Vicki to be a part of outside of ES than Orbx. My fingers are crossed and I think you should cross yours too. Any further information I learn and able to share will be updated here on ADX.