MJC Q400 Patch 1.012 Released!


FSX/P3D. The MJC8Q400 Version 1.012 PILOT edition patch has just been released. The following fixes are: 

  •  CScriptingSystem: Removed the script line count limitation
  •  doc: updated scripting specification to eliminate the .mjs files
  •  CScriptingSystem: allowed arbitrary number of internal vars
  •  CScriptingSystem: Redeveloped the scripting to support the named labels instead of line numbers
  •  CScriptingSystem: Added AND and OR logical operarions
  •  CNavSystem: NavReceivers: optimized math for angle calculation
  •  CNavSystem: NavReceivers: now correcting distance to GS for antenna offset from the runway
  •  CSoundSystem: Stall volume up 30%
  •  Added P3D V2.x compatibility
  •  maingauge, aircraft.cfg: freed landing and taxi lights and NAV lights to control FSX lights (for multiplayer compatibility)
  •  Fixed the speed loosing in p3d during repositions
  •  Added FSX Steam compatibility
  • CFMSSystem: AirwayList page: Now allowing up to 250 selection waypoints in the airway.