EarthSimulations Closes It's Doors.

This is a very sad day indeed. I remember back in the FS9 days of Earth Simulations and much like the MSE sceneries, I was never much of a fan of Autogenless Photoreal terrain coverage. But then the husband and wife team changed the focus of the company and sent it in an entirely new direction. The results were amazing to say the least. The ES Isle of Man scenery to this day remains what I call one of the very best airport & scenery packages ever created in the history of flight simulation. I know the team has some very promising plans for the future which included many of the other British isles but now seems this won't happen. 

I realize the Autogensis project seemed rather ambitious in it's scope and scale but the results paid off with incredible detail. Perhaps the downsides of going up against Orbx, a 55gb of installer files, & long production times likely could have contributed to the closure. It's my sincere hope that even if the closure of ES is permanent, the efforts of Darren & Vikki will continue in some other form. Otherwise, this would indeed be a complete lost for the flight simulation community. As for where you can continue to purchase their products, hopefully we will have an answer on this soon. 

Update: Source link updated with statement from ES.

 Any further information I receive will be updated on this post.