ADX Introducing FScloud! Easy Online Flying!

[FS Utilities] Question to those who have never flown online. Has the thought of trying to join VATSIM or IVAO seem too complex? Perhaps the rules and regulations are a bit too comprehensive? Have you ever wanted to just go online and have a good time with simmers from around the world without the intricacies and just have a good time? Thanks to ADX reader Yun (from Switzerland) for introducing us to FScloud yesterday in our live stream. I set it up last night for the first time and was flying online in less than 5 minutes. There is nothing to sign up for. No tests to take. Just download the server, create your scenario and bam! You are airborne. You can also pull up real time global maps directly in sim to see everyone else flying online and communicate to them. Flying online with your friends has never been easier and it's all free. I really want to promote FScloud and get many of you to come aboard as well. This is a good team and they are working very hard to improve on it. So if you are feeling alone among your AI traffic, one simple click and you can now join a growing community. There are many more features to this program but i'll let you visit them directly for more information. My callsign is AirDailyX and I hope to see all of you out there!