The ADX Blacklist Goes LIVE!

Here is where knowledge is power. Introducing to the ADX Blacklist page. This is where you will find every entity we have come across whose purpose is to scam you into believing their flight simulation products are real and legitimate. Just like in nearly every facet of life, people are out to take advantage and the flight simulation community is no exception. In recent times, scamming among flight simulation enthusiasts has become more and more rampant and in an effort to combat these wrongdoers, we are now in the process of compiling a comprehensive list of offenders in an effort to spread as much knowledge as possible to prevent anyone from becoming a victim. Quite naturally, the majority of us have the keen ability to see these scammers and their tactics for who and what they are. But many do not possess this ability. Spread the word and perhaps together, preventative measures can keep these types of tactics out of our community. Do you know of a scam taking place? Please use the form via the contact page and help us get the word out. Together, we are strong.

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