ADX Introducing SimControl!

[Apps & Utilities] I have been waiting weeks to share this little gem and it's what I have been using behind the scenes to enhance my flight simulator experience. Imagine if you had access to all the features of FSX and P3D without ever having to pause or leave the active simulation. Perhaps you are a flight instructor and wish to implement a failure situation in real time to the cadet. Unlike any other app on the market, SimControl grants users the ability to change or reposition aircraft instantly either in flight or on the ground, set up flight conditions and scenarios, change wind and weather conditions, fail engine components and instruments, pull up charts, refuel aircraft and much more in real time without ever needing to access the internal menus within the simulator itself. This helps make the virtual flying experience much more convenient by alleviating many of the common complaints, distractions, and tasks that require navigating through multiple computer screens and menus. All of these actions can now be accomplished via the SimControl app on an iPad or iPad mini as you continue your flight. For a full list of features, check out the source link below. I will be conducting some live streams to show off the features as well as a review in the coming weeks to more properly show off the technology. Check it out! Now available!