Godzone Photoreal Subscription: Our impression!

FSX/P3D. Hot off the heels of his Carenado Seneca V review (over 1,500 unique reads already), ADX resident pilot and staff writer Andy Underwood has returned (rather quickly) with a more indepth look at the terrain featured below the wings of his Seneca. It's the New Zealand Photoreal Subscription from Godzone and after reading and looking at Andy's amazing shots, I am sold! With this level of quality including full compatibility with Orbx FTX NZ, plus the affordable price, I am officially signing up. The work is so good, so real, Peter Jackson could have shot all those films right in FS. It's friday and soon you will be telling the boss to shove off, so after you do, head home, grab a beer, and settle in for another exciting ADX review. Enjoy! Wow, 6 reviews in the last week, we are on a roll!

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