Status Update From MilViz.

FSX/P3D. A really great number of you have been concerned about the development statuses regarding MilViz products and today, Colin Pearson, Creative Director, has released a statement regarding their progress: "For all those that might be wondering what's up with the F-4, the KA and the others, well... here's the deal: The F-4 is "nearing" completion in terms of features. At that point, we will be testing it very hard and then, releasing it. The King Air, due to it's complexity, this is taking a while. This is one of the main reasons we do not EVER give out release dates. It's still in alpha because we've not yet fully decided on what's going in and what's not. It's not feature complete in anyway and is not, therefore, beta. With the exception of the MD530F which is being worked on during the weekends, all of the others are waiting until the F-4 and the KA are done since we only have 3 coders and they're all working on these two. Now, I understand the temptation to think that these are vaporware or that, somehow, we're not working on them but, rest assured, this is not the case. Please remember that we show off the models first. Then, we do the code. The code is by far the longest part of any product taking anywhere from a year to three years depending. So, there you have it. Work continues."