QualityWings Big Status Update!

FSX/P3D. As we continue into the depths of the fourth quarter leaving summer behind, a few developers are beginning to give us a forecast of what we can expect as the year begins to close out. QualityWings is the second developer to give us a status update this week. Most notable is their mention of the human element when it comes to delivering highly complex aircraft addons. The 737 development this year was hit by the personal lives of the development team but has now resumed back in full force. The 787 developments mostly hit by the team working on the Ulitimate146 collection is also moving full speed ahead minus the updates still needed for the 757. We all want new aircraft but we also want good customer support and updates for our existing products so quite naturally a tradeoff is needed. Don't expect the 787 till the end of Spring 2015 at the earliest and more updates regarding the 737 can be expected in the coming months. That said, I would not expect any releases from QW this year. The team has a fully detailed statement which you should read in it's entirety which details features you can expect from both products as well as other areas of interest via the source link below. There are also a couple new videos of the 787 in action and we have shared those via our Facebook page.