Goheen, Stark's & Siletz Get The Trip!

FSX/P3D. You may have noticed all has been quiet on ADX regarding Orbx lately. This is for 2 reasons. 1: They hit the ground running for 2014 storming out the gate with several products that finally they have hit a gap with releases and are focusing on updates and future products. 2. John Venema released statement several weeks ago changing the policy regarding how Orbx will deliver product announcements, previews, and forecasts. In a nutshell, don't expect anymore product roadmaps. As for product previews, expect nothing till a product is likely in final beta. Obviously there are a few projects announced well over a year ago that are either still in development or stalled. The preview forum has gone pretty silent and this is how it pretty much will be from now on till another product is close to release. Obviously, they have many products in the pipeline for SAK, NCA, NOR, and Global not to mention the upcoming SCA, and OpenLC product lines. After NOR and SCA, you can also expect the team to continue delivering FTX dedicated regions (about 2 per year) hmm... The full statement on all that is [HERE] As for the latest news? Several FTX Global freeware airports have been released and tripple installers for Stark's Twin Oaks, Goheen, and Siletz Bay are now available.