PKSim Rafael Núñez Released.

FSX. The past few days have been quite busy and not much news on ADX. I have been working on a few projects behind the scenes and some cool stuff is on the way. I'm also planning some streams in the coming week to show off the latest projects. In that time, ADX readers have been tipping me off like crazy and I am still sorting through the emails. One project in particular a number of you have been pointing out in my direction is this new development team called PKSim. The new team has just released Rafael Núñez International Airport Cartagena, Colombia. Not sure about the quality at present as there are no real closeup shots of the terminal building but if you bought it, i'd like to hear your input. It's a good location for all the Central and South American airports as well as the Caribbean projects arriving. For more info, tap the source link below.