ADX Needs YOU!

Among our behind the scenes projects, one of the most notable is the ADX Global Airports Map. We are setting out to develop the most comprehensive map of it's kind in the history of flight simulation. One way ADX helps you in your daily life is by providing daily news so you can spend more time flying in lieu of wasting your precious time browsing the internet. Another way to help is through providing you with a snapshot of where to fly and what products are available to you. We have started and covered much ground already, but the bigger the community effort with this, the more complete this list will become. If you are interested in doing your part, contact us. Please note: do not contact us if you only plan on adding your favorite 1 or 2 airports. We are trying to cover vast regions here. Only the most serious and motivated need apply. To see what has already been covered, click the map! More to come. 

ADX >> Thanks to all of you who have volunteered! I will be contacting you all today!