Wilco P2006Tv1.1 Released.

FSX/P3D. I downloaded the update yesterday and can say the external lighting has improved a bit but not sure if they made the glass textures better or worse. I did not have much time with it but you can expect an update to our review. In the meantime, there is a list of updates for v1.1, stuff that should have never got past beta and quality control if such exists over there. -Refined views for Radio Stack, Engine Control, Switches. Overhead view added. Changed the GNS430 logic to power off correctly. Removed dimmer functionality. Only the avionics dimmers work. Corrected fuel selector animation and function. Corrected flaps selector animation. Fixed dome light switches and cabin lights. Reversed carb-heat. Added more reflection to glass. Fixed landing lights. FSX fuel pump sound added. Changed the RPM gauge to Prop RPM as per Tecnam specifications. Be sure to uninstall the current version first as it's a whole installer.