WDS NaturalSim!


FSX/P3D. If it's one thing I hate, it's having to adjust seasonal textures for third party sceneries via a control panel. The thing is, I always freaking forget to do it. So if my sim is set to summer by default and have a flightplan departing the high desert and decide I want to fly into the snow say Palm Springs to Washington State, i'll just change the date from within FS. The problem is, I will wind up landing into snow with summer trees. And when I do remember to make the adjustment before starting the sim, I forget to change everything back so now I got snow trees in August. Dammit! Gotta stop the sim now and fix it. Well with WDS NaturalSim technology, you can fly and forget. All textures will adjust automatically. Sweet! For more information, click the source link below. It looks really good too!