Finally A G159. I Guess It's Time To Speak Up.

FSX/P3D. I really have to be careful when it comes to promoting projects I find on FSDeveloper as the overwhelming majority of them never reach fruition and the forums over there are plagued with unfinished projects over the years. It can really be a black hole. But on the other side of the scale, some really awesome addons have been released too and I have discovered new highly talented developers from FSD such as Mir now known as FlightBeam. Well, there has been a G159 project taking place and whereas I have had my eye on it, I had no intention of mentioning anything here... well, until the latest update. The G159 was likely the best business executive aircraft of it's time but I really believe it would have been a great airline commuter as well to compete with the likes of the Brasilia etc. Anyhoo, this is a dream aircraft of mine and I must say, this project is coming along beautifully! So yeah, it's time to speak up. Now as we all know, Guflstream can be real pricks when it comes to licensing... or the lack thereof. But I guess this is not really a Gulfstream. So is it a Grumman perhaps? Or perhaps neither officially. Maybe the "G" just stands for great! I hope this sees the light of day. This would make my year. For more info, click the source link below and thanks as always to Sean Karges for the tipoff. 

Update with new images: Looks like they are trying to work a VC plus some other awesome projects in development from this team. The official group name is called Hangarcerouno Venesim.