Cattaneo's Toys: What We Missed!


FSX/P3D. I really need to remember to keep up with Dino and his wonderland of amazing kickass freeware military addons. Here is a quick summary of what he has been up to since my last update on him. The S-3B Viking v1.00 was released back on the 15th, his T-45C Goshawk version 2.70 was released over the weekend and this is expected to be the final update. He is working on incorporating TacPack and VAcmi. We know what TacPack is, VAcmi is another type weapon functionality proudct from SimSkunkWorks. The MB.326 is nearing imminent stages for release... let's see what else... Ah! Development has started on the Aermacchi MB.339A and future consideration includes the Eurofighter Typhoon. If the Typhoon reaches fruition, it will likely be payware as that is obviously a very complex aircraft to develop. And last but not least, Dino is ceasing support and updates on his older projects. To know what these are and for more information on all stated above, follow the source link below.