Tecnam P2006T In Development! Not Wilco!

FSX/P3D. Oh thank goodness!! Another chance for the Tecnam P2006T in FS! lets take a moment to give thanks to ADX reader Sean Karges for this tipoff. There is no way I could ever find all the news on my own and this kind of assistance is invaluable to me and all you you I am sure. Anyhoo, Sean has tipped us off to another P2006T in development and it is really showing a level or promise that appears to be far greater than the one Wilco recently published to rather significant dissatisfaction to the community. The variant here is being developed by an independent Russian developer and he is working on both the steam and digital panel layouts. Its all in Cyrillic but I am sure you can translate on your own. I gotta really be honest, I am really excited about this and I am sure our resident pilot and staff reviewer Andy Underwood will be excited too. This development is really a breath of fresh air. ADX will be watching and reporting with interest. Source link takes you there.