Quality Saab 105 Freeware. Just FYI!


FSX/P3D. I am currently in the middle of reviewing another Saab aircraft but came across this lovely freeware 105 while doing my research. It's from a development team called Tigerstaffel out of Austria. I downloaded it a short while ago and it's one hell of an addon. I'm not sure how long it's been around but whenever I come across a gem I was not previously aware of, I have to assume many of you may not have heard of it as well. So if you didn't know, here is a heads up. I flew it today and it's a excellent model complete with VC. External mondling, textures, and FDE are quite good, the VC could be much better but hey, it's free so be sure to check it out. It's a native FSX model ( I saw there was an FS9 model somethere) but it works perfectly in P3D.2.3. It's comes with several liveries and full installers. Enjoy!